Congratulations WEEK 20

Weight Loss Predicted Versus Actual Result

No Hunger Weight Loss by Mission Thin Possible.

Every member of MTP who has been attending our program regularly has now achieved their slow steady weight loss or at minimum turned previous weight gain into a steady loss trend.

We can now reset your target curves to better provide you a clear picture for your continuation phase.

It is not time to let up now.

What do you think you have done in your lifestyle that had the most effect in producing this result ?


Take time to reflect on what you have been doing.

Have you committed all you can to changing your lifestyle to live healthier and live longer.

Have you done what you can to interact with and spread the benefits of your new lifestyle.

What can you do to achieve more.

Come back next week and tell us what more you have changed.

Live Longer

Live Longer

The potential for increasing our lives through weight loss can be easily evaluated.

Most of us want to live longer.  If we set our rules to live by and then find a way to keep to them, I believe we all can.
Here is my list;Read more

Goal Setting

Why is goal setting hard?

We celebrate exceptional results people have achieved. This is what receives all the publicity in our world.  The result is that some of us tend to always see success only if we ourselves are doing the same. We tend to aim high with our goals. Later we beat ourselves up for not hitting them when we fail, or we can excuse ourselves because we set an unrealistic goal.

Some of us set goals for ourselves that are so low that achieving them is guaranteed and safe. These require little effort, and usually result in little improvement or change. Neither approach is very smart and neither approach leads to success.

Real success comes when we set “smart goals” for ourselves. These goals push us to achieve realistically achievable irreversible small positive  steps to the new healthier lifestyle that we are seeking.


MTP makes goal setting easy for everyone by giving everyone some simple clearly defined goal to meet as a homework each week.Read more

Move More-Why Exercise?

Mission Thin Possible

Why exercise?

When I exercise I get hungrier afterwards which makes me eat more. I know I must satisfy my hunger and replace the calories I have burned until my blood sugar gets back up to normal. So, why should I exercise if it makes me eat more when I want to lose weight ?

Research has shown that people adopting a scheduled exercise program as part of their weight loss program are 5 times more likely to succeed and achieve a weight loss goal. Further, maintaining exercise as part of a life change program supports making any weight loss permanent. If we are overweight usually we do need to MOVE MORE.

Body Atrophy

If we do not exercise our body muscles atrophy. They become less functional and weaker,worst case, not capable of meeting our daily activity demands and supporting our everyday life activities. As we age we lose muscle mass anyway and have lower strength. We accelerate this if we do not keep active.
It creeps up on us without our knowing until the day we realize we are no longer fit. Eventually basic functions like getting up off the floor and getting in and out of the car, carrying our shopping, carrying a laundry basket can start to be affected. Worse still we may start to injure ourselves doing any of our heavier load daily tasks.
We need to use our muscles regularly to avoid this and if possible work our muscles harder than just at our daily norm.
It is never too late to halt or reverse this trend. We all need to take stock of our situation and adopt and implement a plan to “Move More” while we can. We do not have to run marathons or pump iron.

Combined Exercise and Weight Loss

As we lose weight we will regain functional capability. This is amplified when combined with improvement in our strength, flexibility and endurance produced by exercise. As our level of activity increases, our physical fitness normally will increase with it and we find we feel better about ourselves.
We get the feeling of improved health. If not then we should see a doctor and get checked out just in case.
You will enjoy your day more and deal with life challenges and stress more easily, have more freedom of movement, have more stamina to do much more than just go to work and do the home chores as you get in better physical shape.

How to enjoy exercise

  1. Choose an exercise program featuring exercise that suits you preferably with an exercise “buddy”.
    2. Make it a habit, exercise 30 – 40 minutes at least 3 times per week, daily if possible.
    3. Give yourself the time to create a regular routine and exercise around the same time each day.
    4. The key is to build exercise into your life style so that it is not disruptive and chose times of the day that work best for you.
    5. If you miss a day don’t worry about it. Just get back at it the next day.


If you are not doing it already, start a daily exercise program (or at least 30 minutes 3 times a week.)

A daily walk is easy, can be done without equipment, is free and has been used as the go to exercise used by over 85% of all people who achieve permanent weight loss.


Progress Checklist

Below is a list of steps adopted taken so far in your life change journey. Check off your progress and see how you are doing in adopting life change step by step.

Posting such a list and checking off progress is a simple tool we can all use to keep ourselves motivated. Re read a particular talk if you need to refresh your memory.

# Talk Homework Adopted


Needs work


1. Methods for Change Use feed forward thinking and pre-emptive actions to change your behaviors.
2. Portion control Use a 9” salad plate at all main meals
3. Sugar Sugar Eliminate sugar drinks and processed foods.
4. Taking hunger out of weight loss Achieve your low rate weight loss target each week through small changes in your diet.
5. Fats Reduce fats in your diet .
6. Goal Setting Adopt any Homework life changes not yet adopted.
7. Daily Weighing Weigh yourself daily until you achieve steady weight loss …then as often as you need to keep losing.
8. 10,000 steps Walk up to 10,000 steps a day, how close did you get?
9. Changing Your Shopping Habits Make and plan your shopping list each week and eliminate highly processed foods.


10. Triggers and Food Cravings Identify your food craving triggers and replace them through feedforward thinking.
11. Water Drink a cup of water before meals
12. Low Glycemic Index Change high Glycemic index foods for low glycemic index foods. ( less processed foods- vegetables, meat, fish, multigrain rather than white bread)
13. Team Of Friends How many friends have you made.
14. Importance Of enough Sleep Plan a bedtime and wake up time and stick to it.  Plan for 8 hours of sleep.
15. Play Add playtime to your to-do list each week
16. Eat More Vegetables Have one meatless day a week, pre-prepare vegetables and have them ready for every meal
17. Intend To Exercise Complete 20 mins exercise a day