Goal Setting

Why is goal setting hard?

We celebrate exceptional results people have achieved. This is what receives all the publicity in our world.  The result is that some of us tend to always see success only if we ourselves are doing the same. We tend to aim high with our goals. Later we beat ourselves up for not hitting them when we fail, or we can excuse ourselves because we set an unrealistic goal.

Some of us set goals for ourselves that are so low that achieving them is guaranteed and safe. These require little effort, and usually result in little improvement or change. Neither approach is very smart and neither approach leads to success.

Real success comes when we set “smart goals” for ourselves. These goals push us to achieve realistically achievable irreversible small positive  steps to the new healthier lifestyle that we are seeking.


MTP makes goal setting easy for everyone by giving everyone some simple clearly defined goal to meet as a homework each week.

Each one either addresses a poor habit or introduces an action that if changed or adopted, will improve our lifestyle in some way. Each is:

S-pecific- is clearly defined, the what, the how,

M-easurable – the criteria success is easy to evaluate if we did it or not.

A-chievable – is truly possible to be achieved by all.

R-elevant-  results in the healthier way of living we seek.

T-ime-Bound – all team members are expected to complete in one week.

Each of MTP’s smart goals is a step along the path to your new life. They are provided in a logical order.

Each alone may not seem that critical but as we build upon them, and add them together, one by one, these goals become the mini milestones we can follow on our path to success. And, “If at first, we don’t succeed we try, try again.”

Our Body Reacts To Change

Our body will always react to fight change. Life change must be a slow steady process. We can also expect to stumble a few times along the way. What may seem easy to some can be terribly difficult for others. What at times is easy at other times will be hard. We must to be patient.

Team Work Works.

Helping your team members and/or seeking help along the way when you need it is why teams succeed better than individuals.

Let us not be afraid to communicate among the friends you have in MTP. Discuss when and why if you are finding a SMART GOAL hard. We guarantee you will help someone or help yourself.

Use Facebook or the MTP members area, and try and build regular communication and rapport with others on your team and with your coach. Ask for advice when you need it.  It all will steadily build up your community. Never struggle alone or leave anyone else to struggle alone. Celebrate and share your successes. You are a team. The five goals below can alone be enough to result in steady weight loss success for most team members.


Here is a recap of the smart goals to date. Evaluate how you have done so far.

Mini Milestone Action Taken Adopted Yes/No
1 Fill out a Food and Hunger Diary
2 Adopt Daily Morning Weighing and monitoring.
3 Eliminate Sugar in Hot beverages or Eliminate Sugar/Soda Drinks.
4 Reduce portion sizes and eat from a salad plate.
5 Eliminate a Fat Items from your diet.

Repeat any that you have not yet adopted until you have them beaten and adopted as an improved lifestyle.

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