Progress Checklist

Below is a list of steps adopted taken so far in your life change journey. Check off your progress and see how you are doing in adopting life change step by step.

Posting such a list and checking off progress is a simple tool we can all use to keep ourselves motivated. Re read a particular talk if you need to refresh your memory.

# Talk Homework Adopted


Needs work


1. Methods for Change Use feed forward thinking and pre-emptive actions to change your behaviors.
2. Portion control Use a 9” salad plate at all main meals
3. Sugar Sugar Eliminate sugar drinks and processed foods.
4. Taking hunger out of weight loss Achieve your low rate weight loss target each week through small changes in your diet.
5. Fats Reduce fats in your diet .
6. Goal Setting Adopt any Homework life changes not yet adopted.
7. Daily Weighing Weigh yourself daily until you achieve steady weight loss …then as often as you need to keep losing.
8. 10,000 steps Walk up to 10,000 steps a day, how close did you get?
9. Changing Your Shopping Habits Make and plan your shopping list each week and eliminate highly processed foods.


10. Triggers and Food Cravings Identify your food craving triggers and replace them through feedforward thinking.
11. Water Drink a cup of water before meals
12. Low Glycemic Index Change high Glycemic index foods for low glycemic index foods. ( less processed foods- vegetables, meat, fish, multigrain rather than white bread)
13. Team Of Friends How many friends have you made.
14. Importance Of enough Sleep Plan a bedtime and wake up time and stick to it.  Plan for 8 hours of sleep.
15. Play Add playtime to your to-do list each week
16. Eat More Vegetables Have one meatless day a week, pre-prepare vegetables and have them ready for every meal
17. Intend To Exercise Complete 20 mins exercise a day
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