Daily Weighing

Daily Weighing


Why are so many seeking weight loss terrified of the scale? Easy answer. No one likes bad news . It is almost certain that on some days, our standing on the scale will be showing weight gain and not weight loss. The reaction can be instant depression, a panic attack , feelings of failure , extreme upset, or any and all of these. No wonder weighings can trigger the search for comfort in food if it has been our remedy for all things challenging our comfort zone.


In MTP we coach everyone to find their own solution of choice for most things. Daily weighing however is one of the few exceptions where MTP take a strict and rigid position.


We must be aware of how our own bodies are developing with respect to bodyweight. The only real way to do that is daily weighing. Self responsibility is required to be mastered.
Our weighing scale weight fluctuates up and down over the course of a day far more than our “True Weight”.

True Weight = Weighing Scale Weight – Fluids, Food and Food Waste

The amount of fluids , food and and waste matter in our system can vary several pounds over a 24 hour period depending on what we have been consuming, what we have been passing out and what we have been burning to support our body functions and during exercise and activity.

The most reliable time for weighing is normally first thing on a morning after we have relieved ourselves, preferably wearing the same clothes each weigh in. (After a shower with hair dried is the ideal.) This will give the minimum of fluctuation. After a couple of weeks we will see what is really happening. Reviewing weight fluctuations at the same time as looking at our food diary will soon show what if anything is challenging our weight loss. Once we know what that is, it is just a matter of making an adjustment.

Life Change

As we change our habits towards our new “changed lifestyle” we will see how each change has improved or degraded our weight loss. It is seeing the positive effects continuously step by step that provides the most motivation and encouragement. This is in contrast to the opposite view that supports fear of weigh scales by preaching numbers don’t matter. They do! It is true however that life change is all about habit modification, not numbers.

Additional Weighing

Taking some weighings before and after exercise sessions, meals, and other significant events during a day are useful to show us what the immediate effects of these activities are.
Comparing the effect of these activities with the daily loss rate we are trying to achieve, 0.1-1lb a week, will quickly show why daily morning weighing is so useful and important.


Having a weight loss buddy to share and discuss the results we are achieving is highly beneficial to help us overcome any shyness about what our weight is and what our level of achievement is. Accepting we are overweight but at the same time advertising we are doing something about it is all positive.

Experts View

The self-monitoring strategy of daily self-weighing improves weight loss and adoption of weight control behaviors. It allows for better self-regulation of body weight as small changes in body weight can be identified on a daily basis and changes in diet and exercise behaviors initiated as a result.


If you have not already adopted daily weighing you need to start now.

Reduce food intake until a steady weight loss is achieved.

If you find you are in a plateau and staying steady,reduce food intake by a little more and then hold your food quantity the same for a few days.You should find you will see a steady weight loss.

Review your results after 1 week with your coach.

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