Live Longer

Live Longer

The potential for increasing our lives through weight loss can be easily evaluated.

Most of us want to live longer.  If we set our rules to live by and then find a way to keep to them, I believe we all can.
Here is my list;

  1. Be more active.
  2. Don’t eat too  much.
  3. Eat healthier.
  4. Minimize consumption of sugar.
  5. Minimize intake of bad fats.
  6. Avoid illness.
  7. Lower your daily life stress.
  8. Avoid places ,things, and people that will kill you.
  9. Don’t smoke, don’t drink to excess, don’t take recreational drugs to excess and avoid any addictive drugs.
  10. Work hard enough and be lucky enough, to find enough money to live somewhere happily where you can do 1-9.
Healthy Weight

The first 6 and a big part of 7 of my living longer list are all related to getting up off our chairs and doing something about it and “body weight”, and the actions required to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. At least 60% of the developed world population is now  overweight, many obesely so. Most have made a dedicated effort to loose weight, some trying many times.
An astounding 98% have failed to achieve any significant permanent loss. I am one of those people.

My Own and my family Story

My experience has been like many others. I started to gain weight as I got older  when I stopped playing regular team sports. I did not modify my consumption of food and coming from a blue collar region of England, I am used to a meat and potatoes diet. Eventually I put weight on and started to feel heavy. When I could not outrun my four year old grandson I knew I needed to lose weight to live life as I wanted.

I took the opportunity to take part in a session of my son’s 90 day Mission Thin Possible Weight Loss Challenge while visiting him and his family in California.

Sean Gogarty SGOFitness

This is him.


I lost weight fine on the program while I was living the healthy California lifestyle,eating the meals as prepared by Sean and Sarah,both fitness trainers,and my wife, who has a food and nutrition background. I was hungry but it was not bad and I know I do have staying power like iron. MTP was a great experience and to me it was as sure a way as any, to lose weight,and loads of fun.





  • Mission Thin Possible before and after

    before and after, weight loss 52 lbs.

The group of people who were taking part in the 90 day weight loss challenge were great, friendly welcoming and the style that my son imparted on the whole thing was of fun,enjoyment,motivation and support for everyone. Even when I came last in a 1 mile run, everyone waited and clapped me in, some ran with me over the last few hundred paces.  I was very proud of what a brilliant program my creative son had built in California as part of his boot camp and weight loss business.





Back In Canada

Once back in Canada it did not go too well though. My hunger forces never went away, the hunger was almost all the time and it was coming in waves. I just could not hold up against the insatiable appetite I could get anytime of day,   not just after a long spell between meals .

Marie, my wife, was cooking meals and they were all healthy……… but I just had to keep eating more of them, and I started sneaking food all over the place…..calling in for a big MAC while out shopping. I had never felt like this in my life.

I had always been told weight loss had to be done slowly, but I never believed it nor that fast weight loss had such a side effect. I learned first hand that my son was right. I also learned weight loss created hunger cannot be overcome by willpower and staying power as again my son kept telling me. I have loads of both but the hunger still beat me.I now know this is due to a natural body reaction to losing my fat stores called the “Famine Effect”.

Eventually I was back where I started plus a bit more.

My wife, this is her,  did not have as bad a problem, but then she had not lost as much weight.  She felt hungry during the program, but once she had stabilized her weight the hunger eventually ceased.  She did put some weight back on but was able to maintain her healthy eating style and daily exercise and gradually over time she has been able to reach her ideal weight and keep it now for over 2 years.

Mission Thin Possible before and after

Before and After 1 cycle of MTP – weight loss 18lbs


Permanent Weight Loss Success 2017 total loss – 27 lbs


In California Meanwhile….

Meanwhile back in San Diego, my son had been injured playing soccer so he had to take a break from running his boot camps and Mission Thin Possible programs. He could find a substitute trainer for the boot camp but MTP is a more specialized program and needs someone who can support and motivate the class members especially when they have had a bad week.

His misfortune however gave me an opportunity to work with my son to try and find a way to deliver successful weight loss without the hunger pain that I had experienced that drove me to fail in the end once I left the program. Considering I am an accomplished scientist myself, and have been designing military and civil aircraft for 30 years, my son is an  experienced fitness trainer and a smart creative thinker, and my wife, who studied food and has been in the food industry for 30 years, has a expert knowledge of food and nutrition, we had a pretty good foundation in the family to take a shot at understanding how weight loss really works, and see what we should adjust to make MTP program even better.

We believed we needed just some fine tuning,  we thought! What we actually found and concluded has changed the way we all look at weight loss. The lectures in our series are based on what we found and explain how to overcome and beat the “Hunger Forces of Weight Loss”.

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