Taking The Hunger Out Of Weight Loss

60% of the developed world adult population are overweight. 98% of people attempting weight loss take it too fast and so fail to lose weight permanently due to triggering their body’s famine response. Reducing food intake to just below that needed to satisfy your bodies energy demands while keeping your hunger forces, as driven by Ghrelin and Leptin hormones, manageable is the key. Mission Thin Possible have a unique approach to this which is based on the latest medical research that is critical for permanent weight loss success.Read more

Methods For Change

Pre-emptive Action and Feed Forward Thinking

Methods for Change

As we age and slow down, we need to eat a little less to protect us from weight gain. That can be a challenge for many of us. We are a creature of habit and find change hard.Read more


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Our new lecture series is now being released and will be added one session at a time from this week, November 23rd 2017  onwards.Read more

Live Longer

Live Longer

The potential for increasing our lives through weight loss can be easily evaluated.

Most of us want to live longer.  If we set our rules to live by and then find a way to keep to them, I believe we all can.
Here is my list;Read more

Soup, Soup and More Soup.

Low Calorie Soup

Almost No Calorie Soup

You have seen several adds on TV and in magazines for ‘ bust that belly fat” shakes, vitamin powders, purges, detoxes and the list goes on and on. They are mostly a combination of hype, fasting, chemicals and a very good way to make money from people desperate to lose weight and willing to try anything. Fasting too hard eventually causes your body to slow down its metabolism, and to fight against your weight loss, and create insatiable hunger when you stop crash dieting and increase food intake.

The only sure way to succeed in weight loss, in a healthy, long term, permanent way, is to maintain a daily eating plan that you can sustain as a lifestyle. The recipe for vegetable soup below is an easy, convenient way to increase vegetable intake and reduce calories that can be good for the whole family.Read more

24 Hour Food Diary

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The hormone Leptin works together with the hormone Ghrelin produced by cells at the top of your stomach when it is empty. These are our hunger hormones. The combined effects of Ghrelin and Leptin drive us and tell us to search for food or leave food alone.
A low Leptin level also slows down your metabolism at times that food is in short supply. Your fat cells which are your fuel storage, produce Leptin when full. Leptin acts to make you take actions to alter your total food intake to maintain your daily energy balance. In our modern world we tend to eat our meals at convenient times. This is far different than foraging and grazing for food all day as we would probably do if living off the land. The result is significant highs and lows in our hunger level, driving us to over-eat. Part of a successful weight loss program must be to reduce the peaks of hunger to allow slow steady weight loss to take place at a rate that will let our bodyweight set point adjust itself.Read more