Soup, Soup and More Soup.

Low Calorie Soup

Almost No Calorie Soup

You have seen several adds on TV and in magazines for ‘ bust that belly fat” shakes, vitamin powders, purges, detoxes and the list goes on and on. They are mostly a combination of hype, fasting, chemicals and a very good way to make money from people desperate to lose weight and willing to try anything. Fasting too hard eventually causes your body to slow down its metabolism, and to fight against your weight loss, and create insatiable hunger when you stop crash dieting and increase food intake. The only sure way to succeed in weight loss, in a healthy, long term, permanent way, is to maintain a daily eating plan that you can sustain as a lifestyle. The recipe for vegetable soup below is an easy, convenient way to increase vegetable intake and reduce calories that can be good for the whole family. Read More