Mission Thin Possible

Mission Thin Possible, (MTP), is a unique program that coaches life change to support "life extension " and "weight loss for life" action.
It is focused around fun weekly Team Games and Team Walks conducted outdoors in the fresh air, in parks or on sports fields, on beaches and walking trails. MTP provides live coaching, on-line education and motivational lectures. It has been shown that individuals active in a team, live happier lives overall than those seeking their exercise fix alone .Happiness is a key to longevity. Participation in a structured regularly scheduled program, minimizes drop out rates and boosts success five fold for a weight loss program.

MTP from day 1 followed the "team of friends" winning formula. Each team's core members are usually drawn from a group of friends, a group of family members , or a community group. The team is always led by a trained coach,volunteering from the group, or one can be provided by MTP. All it takes is just one person to start and lead the building of a new team. No-one should be facing life's biggest challenges alone.

Protein Synthesis, Muscle Growth And Training Frequency steroids credit card 8 foods to optimise muscle growth and recovery after crossfit training | page 3 of 6 | boxrox MTP provides the opportunity for almost anyone to train and become an MTP coach. You can contribute to your community and help friends and family by volunteering to build and lead an MTP Team. You can earn some extra income at the same time or volunteer coaches can donate income to their community organization, or charity of their choice.

Living Longer

Our generation may be the first to live a shorter life than our parents due to inactivity and /or unhealthy weight! Maintaining an active life and healthy food habits will extend our lives by 10 years or even more.

How can I live longer ?

Lifestyle Change

Longevity requires living a healthy lifestyle. For most of us, a lifestyle change is required. Our lifestyle is a collection of our life habits. Understand how to change them one at a time and the rest is easy.

How to Achieve Lifestyle Change.

Healthy Weight

A healthy weight is critical to living longer. Over 60 % of us are overweight. 98% of people repeatedly try to lose weight but fail due to trying to lose weight too fast.

How fast is too fast?.

Building Your Team

Forming a Team

Simply gather around you a number of friends, family or others interested in taking "life extension" and/or "weight loss for life" action, (minimum 10, ideally 20 or more.) If you are alone ~ Join an existing Team.

Select the Coach

The team can be led by you as the coach, another member of your team volunteering to train as coach, or MTP can find your team a coach.
Coach Duties.
Coach Registration

Location and Times

Once your coach has registered your team, the location and time for your weekly MTP Session is posted on the MTP web site. All team members will be notified where to sign up. (This also allows for other local persons to join you and help build your Team).
Active Locations

Membership Sign Up

All members sign up individually to their Team on the MTP website. The Team is activated and MTP activities start once the first 10 members have signed up.
Sign up .........(Privacy Policy-Personal Data)

The Weekly Team Session

Once active your MTP team sessions start and include a confidential weekly "weigh in" followed by a short "life change" educational lecture and a Team Game or a Team Walk.

Online Education

Our life change coaching lectures cover education on how your body works, nutrition, exercise and how to set goals and succeed. Active members can also access the lectures on-line using a smart-phone, tablet, or computer.
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Together we can do anything!